Hawk Ridge Fall Migration Duluth Community Day

October 6, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is happy to be a participant in the Duluth Community Day offerings, in partnership with Visit Duluth and the City of Duluth. You can check out other Community Day offerings at communityday.visitduluth.com.

Join Hawk Ridge staff to celebrate the amazing fall bird migration! Free outdoor public education programs (songbird banding, migration interpretation & kid’s activities) will be taking place at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve managed by Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. Schedule of activities, directions, and inclement weather locations are listed below. Hope to see you there!


9-11 am -Bird Banding

Hawk Ridge staff band a lot of birds through the year. What can we learn from a bird in the hand that we can’t see from watching them in nature? Take an opportunity to learn about the science involved in banding. We will take a closer look at the songbirds in the area and learn a little about who they are, where are they coming from, and where are they going? This activity will be ongoing through the morning, so stop in for a bit and see what we’re catching. This activity is weather dependent- rain and high winds may interfere with our ability to do this.

10-2 pm- Kid’s Cart

Watching birds is just as much fun for kids as it is for adults! We have lots of ways to learn more about them. We will have a variety of kids activities available- make a bird mask, or your own special binoculars, or take off on a scavenger hunt and see what you can find. Grab a Junior Birder Raptor guide and take off on a learning adventure about raptors. We will have staff and volunteers available to help with these activities through the day.

11 am-11:45 am -Eyes on the Skies – An Overview on Migration and Raptors

Did you know that Duluth is one of the premier spring migration places in North America- Spring or Fall are both amazing here! Join us for an exploration of who’s currently flying through. Figure out who is related to who through artifact wings and talons and how flight behaviors can help us identify the raptors as they fly by Duluth on their way to wintering grounds.

1-2:30 pm- Summit Ledges Hike

Why do experienced hawk watchers at Hawk Ridge head for Summit Ledges? What happens there that doesn’t happen at the main overlook? Want to find out? Join us for a guided hike through fascinating geology, and unique forest types to Summit Ledges where the whole valley

opens up and birds are often visible flying right over your head. Why is the North Shore of Lake Superior such a great route for hawk migration? What does geology have to do with it all? Only one way to answer all these questions- take a Summit Ledges hike!

2-2:45 pm- Naturalist’s Choice

So many topics to address in the world of birds, and our naturalists can provide you with many new areas to explore. Join one of our resident bird nerds for a bird adventure that might explore how Kestrels and Dragonflies are connected, or use our ears to learn about what the birds are saying through their varied vocalizations, or find out why Hawk Ridge is a Goshawk Hotspot, or why Ravens and Crow and the rest of their family are some of the most intelligent birds on the planet. Look for program titles posted at the Overlook on the program day, or ask staff what’s on tap for today’s Naturalist Choice.