Warblers and Woodland Birds

May 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

This is a two-part program. The second day is Saturday, May 19.  Registration is required. Click Here to Register and for more information about Day 2.

Day 1 – Wed., May 16, 6-8 pm. The woodlands of Minnesota are breeding grounds for an amazing assortment of birds including many elusive species of warblers. An amazing number of species of these birds fit into the category of neo-tropical migrant, which means they spend more time in the tropics than they do here. What are the advantages of making hazardous migrations to breed so far from their wintering grounds? What does a northern Minnesota woodland have to offer that isn’t available in the tropics? We’ll explore the woodland habitat, introduce the amazing diversity of birds found there, learn some identification skills by sight and sound, and investigate many of the 31 species of warblers that the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas says breed here!

Day 2 – Sat. May 19 Field Trip (7:30-10 am at Indian Point *meet at Western Waterfront Trail parking lot on Pulaski St.)
It will still be migration season for many of these neotropical migrants, so lots of species are possible, including some that are just passing through on their way further north. The warblers will be dressed in their spring finest and leaves may still be small, making the search a little easier! How many can we find?


Click Here to Register and for more information about Day 2.

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