Ecuador in ‘24!

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory and Holbrook Travel are planning another Fantastic Birding expedition! This time we are off to Ecuador, one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the planet!

Feb. 25- March 5, 2024 Birding the Choco-Andes Region 

Golden-headed Quetzal

An extraordinary abundance of bird life inhabits the forests of northwestern Ecuador. Amid cloud forest, rainforest, páramo, and the eastern and western slopes of the Andes Mountains, we will seek out as many of the country’s 1,640-plus species as possible with assistance from our expert local guide on this 10-day adventure! In particular, much of the avifauna encountered is endemic to the Chocó region, while other species are more easily found here than any place else. 

We’ll explore a variety of protected areas, including Yanacocha Biological Reserve, Alambi Cloud forest reserve, Un poco del Choco Nature Reserve & Biological Station, and Antisana Ecological Reserve, and others. We’ll visit the famed Paz de las Aves, known as a haven for antpitta, and the Andean Cocks-of-the-Rock. We’ll bird the Mashi-Amagusa Reserve for target species like the Rose-faced Parrot, Orange-breasted Fruiteater, Choco Vireo, Moss-backed Tanager, and Indigo Flowerpiercer. Along the way, attend a presentation by a local ornithologist, view the snow-capped Antisana Volcano, and straddle the equator at the Middle of the World Monument.

Full Itinerary and details:

March 5-9, 2024 Birding the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador- Optional Trip Extension


Having travelled such a distance already, why not continue the unforgettable birding adventure with an extension trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon, one of the country’s most impressive biodiversity hotspots? We’ll descend into the primary forest of Sacha Lodge’s 5,000 acre private ecological reserve in the heart of the Amazon Basin. There an amazing variety of neotropical residents and migrant avian species are found, plus mammals, amphibians, insects, and more. In addition to the superb wildlife experience, enjoy the chance to connect with indigenous communities and learn about their relationship with the surrounding forest.

Full Itinerary and details:

Each day provides a variety of opportunities to make the most of the birding/nature touring available, as well as options for individual exploration and leisure time. You will be traveling with other nature enthusiasts to all share an amazing spectrum of bird experiences and knowledge. All meals are included and dining is often arranged outdoors or in private group seating.

Don’t miss this incredible experience! Space on this trip is limited to 12, and final payment for the trip is due Nov. 22, 2023. REGISTER HERE Today! Questions? Contact Debbie Sturdivant Jordan at 866-748-6146 or, or Margie Menzies Hope to see you in February!