Western Great Lakes Owl Monitoring

Funding for coordination of this MN Citizen Science project was discontinued in 2014, as it was determined by the MN DNR they’ve learned what was needed at the time. We are asking volunteers that are still interested in participating to contribute their findings via eBird.org or through the WI Owl Survey. Ryan Brady with the Wisconsin DNR mentioned that there are a few owl routes remaining in neighboring Wisconsin (particularly Douglas County). If you are interested in helping with that survey, please visit Wisconsin Owl Survey for those available routes.
We’ve truly appreciated the effort from all and know that the results of the MN portion of the Western Great Lakes Owl Survey have impacted Minnesota’s Breeding Bird Atlas among other things. We hope to move those citizen-science efforts on towards other future bird-related research projects.

Thank you so much again for your participation and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Annual Reports

Image Credits: Debbie Waters