For College Groups

Eyes on the Skies – An Overview of Migration and Raptors|
45 minutes; Fee: $5 per student with $100 minimum fee

Hawk Ridge has a fascinating history, from gunner’s lair to birdwatcher’s paradise. Over 1,000 raptors per day fly past Hawk Ridge each fall for many reasons, one of which is Lake Superior. These migrating raptors take advantage of the geology of the North Shore to migrate more efficiently. As the birds migrate past Hawk Ridge, they provide an opportunity for bird research, education, and recreation.

Experience Hawk Ridge
90 minutes; Fee: $6 per student $120 minimum fee

Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is perched above Duluth and Lake Superior offering a stunning overlook and high quality observation of migrating birds. The Experience Hawk Ridge program will investigate raptor adaptations, raptor research, and help students understand what makes Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve an excellent location to watch and experience migration. Learn tricks on how to identify birds in flight and then try your hand at counting migrating birds in a friendly competition with our Hawk Ridge counters.

Summit Ledges Hike- Not Available During Spring
90 min. to 2 hours; Fee: $6 per student $120 minimum fee

Why do experienced hawk watchers at Hawk Ridge head for Summit Ledges? What happens there that doesn’t happen at the main overlook? Want to find out? Join us for a guided hike through fascinating geology, and unique forest types to Summit Ledges where the whole valley opens up and birds are often visible flying right over your head. Why is the North Shore of Lake Superior such a great route for hawk migration? What does geology have to do with it all? Only one way to answer all these questions- take a Summit Ledges hike!


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Image Credits: Debbie Waters