About Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve

Who Owns Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve?

CITY OF DULUTH: In 1972 the Duluth Audubon Society, through fundraising efforts and a loan from the Minnesota Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, donated funds to the City of Duluth to purchase 115 acres of the highest part of the Ridge. In 1973, approximately 250 acres were acquired through free conveyance from the St. Louis County and conveyed to the City with conditions for the nature reserve.

Who Manages Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve?

HAWK RIDGE BIRD OBSERVATORY: Under a trust agreement with the City of Duluth, the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, manages the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve.

Visit Hawk Ridge!

The Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is open year-round to public for study and enjoyment. With over 4 miles of hiking trails, you can explore geology, flora, and wildlife. Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory staff conduct bird research and provide public education during fall season.

Guidelines of Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve

  • Please walk quietly to observe interesting birds and other wildlife
  • Dogs must be leashed; please clean up after your pet
  • Please avoid trails during muddy or wet conditions
  • Please stay on trails to protect vegetation
  • Please carry out any litter
  • Please do not remove rocks, plants, flowers or seeds from the nature reserve

Image Credits: Debbie Waters