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A rain day today provided Frank Nicoletti with a well earned day off! Therefore, there was minimal migration to be had.

However, on my way home around 2:15pm I noticed some BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS at the top of my street. So, I turned around to take a look.

It seems most years you can run in to some decent flocks that stage by gorging on berries around the neighborhoods of Duluth as they head north on their return migration.

Frank and I had been surprised that we had not seen many this spring. Well, today was the day that changed.

Initially, I thought the flock was about 500 strong, but when they were spooked by something and the entire flock lifted it was obvious there were many more.

I took an iPhone shoot of the entire flock and Clinton Nienhaus kindly took on the laborious task of counting them. Thanks Clinton!

In total, 1,801!!!

Anyway, tomorrow Tuesday, looks like we will be at Thompson Hill.
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Arguably, we did not get the number of raptors we were expecting; nevertheless, visitors, Frank Nicoletti and I were treated to some amazing close flybys as birds stayed lower Saturday. we had 46 species migrating on the day.

Most noticeable, and much anticipated was the arrival of the first BROAD-WINGED HAWK of 2019!!

27 of these dainty buteos came through and the first one made an almost ceremonial flyby and came within 30ft of us and it continued on its journey.

It looks like many non-raptors (passerines) are to the south of us according to reports from Ryan Brady and Nick Anich in WI along the south shore, so hopefully they will wait until after Sunday and Monday as rain moves in to once again spoil our fun! 😉

By the numbers:-
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