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20 hours ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

‘March of the Eagles’

In the first two weeks of March we tallied 235 BALD EAGLES. Since the 15th we have counted 1,383 which is the last four days. Moreover, almost half of that number came today!!

In the shape of the 4th largest one-day total for the Spring count ever, 635 BALD EAGLES sprinted north!

We were unlikely to break Frank Nicoletti’s March 23rd blockbuster-day back in 2004 of 822, but the other two big days were 684 in 2005 and 679 in 2010.

Things did not get going until noon, I wonder if the sun had come out earlier what might have happened? 😉

Another 16 GOLDEN EAGLES today puts us at 92 so far this March.

Big thanks to those who visited today and helped out, Jason, John, Stephen Adam, Mike, and Frank from The Netherlands who had never seen a Bald Eagle before, what a day to come Frank!!

There is not much in the forecast to grumble about other than this coming Sunday potentially. Saturday is shaping up nicely thus far to be a real beauty (famous last words I know)...!!

By the numbers:-
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Eagles coming in thick and fast at Enger Tower, and the sun is not even out yet!! Here is the first GOLDEN EAGLE of the day, just now.

Numbers so far:-
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1 day ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

Good luck this season WPBO!!The owl banders were excited to finally get on the board last night. This Northern Saw-whet Owl is the first owl of the spring season. ... See MoreSee Less

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