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As suspected, it was great conditions for migration today, Sharp-shinned Hawks dropped off markedly, but where they left off the Red-tailed Hawks ran with the baton with a tidy 434 for the day. Birds got high quickly, so not many flight shots today, sorry.

Similar numbers as yesterday with other raptors as we pushed just north of a ton with Bald Eagles and 10 more Northern Goshawks on the day along with 2 more late Broad-winged Hawks.

It was another amazing morning for robins and Blackbirds as 4,237 American Robins, 3,165 Rusty Blackbirds and 2,202 Common Grackle shot by along the shoreline and ridge.

Finally, the Northern Shrike of season came by, but as far winter finches go the Canadian winter finch forecast may well prove to be correct as numbers are scarce to say the least. Nevertheless, that’s good news for the birds. Time will tell.

By the numbers:-
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Sunday seemed a touch and go proposition this morning as on/off showers of rain, sleet and snow were possible.

In the end we had it all, however, the birds came to keep us busy and somewhat warm! 😉

3,277 Rusty Blackbirds raced down the shore along with many other passerines including close to 800 Yellow-rumped Warblers. A late Philadelphia Vireo was nice surprise as was a very rare House Sparrow to the platform feeder. Only the second one we have had at the count.

Raptor-wise 247 Red-tailed Hawks was a welcome sight as we move in to the second half of October, oh and we had a late Broad-winged Hawk today too!

104 Bald Eagle came by, 10 Northern Goshawk, 2 Golden Eagle and an amazing pulse of 488 Sharp-shinned Hawks during the 1-2pm period pushed the day total of Sharpies to 1,354!!

By the numbers:-
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Our apologies for a lack of posts...!

We had great day yesterday as a big push of early birds got going! Over 3,500 American Robins and 1,600+ Rusty Blackbirds stole the show.

Unfortunately, no decent pictures as no one had time, sorry.

Hawks start up nicely and a good push of Sharp-shinned Hawks moves through of almost 800. 129 Red-tailed Hawks shows their numbers are starting to pick up. Looks like next week we could see a really good push. Winds the next few days don’t look ideal as warm southerly winds come through.

An exciting time in the banding station this week as all three accipiter species came in at once!

Here is a great photo showing them from smallest to largest. Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk and Northern Goshawk (juvenile).
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