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18 hours ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

Special day today for one of our longest serving member of staff Frank Nicoletti. Happy Birthday Frankie!!!

Frank came from New York with a passion for Goshawks and has never left. We are very fortunate to have him and we want to thank him for the mentorship he has provided with hawkwatching and banding to so many. Few would disagree Frank is a world authority on hawks (one of the very best) and the reason so many want to work under his tutelage at HRBO.

Enjoy your day!!!
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The last couple of days have produced east winds, not a wind direction held in highest esteem among counters and hawk banders alike at HRBO.

Regardless, among these lazy days as counters banders fine tune for the big-push there is always something happening.

Today, the counters watched 3-4 juvenile Broad- winged Hawks circling out in front of us and diving down into the trees attacking something.

After heading out to investigate it turned out to be a Juvenile Goshawk they were after. After alerting the counters it was heading there way it subsequently flew right over the platform and straight into the banding station where Frank Nicoletti was waiting. It turned out to be a really nice young male. Mark Mathison was able to crank out a few burst and got this cool photo. Thanks Mark!!

Goshawks are usually seen in October, but we do see a few juveniles in August as they disperse from their breeding grounds.
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