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11 hours ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

Another decent day for BALD EAGLES today from Thompson Hill, compared to yesterday gargantuan 1,076, 456 (today) seems a paltry addition to the 3,000+ we have had this month so far! Perhaps we need a reality check!?

We don’t see these one-day numbers in the fall. In the Spring it’s a race against time to get to their territories and defend them at all costs.

In the fall, the business end of the season is over and it’s all gravy, so they just meander their way south at their leisure. Thus, no massive one-day totals.

Spring and Fall migrations are very contrasting, and unique and interesting in their own regard.

Oh, on a side note, but no less compelling we had another 23 GOLDEN EAGLES too! 153 already in 3 weeks.

We actually had far better views of birds today then yesterday as is often the case. Quality over quantity...

Tomorrow? Yes, weather looks prime!!! Enger Tower is where we will be stationed.
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21 hours ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

Friday we are at Thompson Hill on West Skyline Parkway. ... See MoreSee Less

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