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15 hours ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory
Stop by the Duluth Children's Museum today to say hi and celebrate Earth Day! Hawk Ridge will have a table here with fun activities until 2:00 pm. 🌎 ... See MoreSee Less
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Can you identify these dark raptors? Of the five buteo species regularly seen in migration in Duluth, four of those species have a dark morph in addition to a more typical light plumage! Clockwise from the upper left, these four species are Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Swainson's Hawk and Rough-legged Hawk. Dark morph Red-tailed's and Rough-legged's are fairly common, while Broad-winged's and Swainson's are a more unusual sighting. Dark Broad-winged Hawk primarily nest in western North America, but a few (1-5) will wander past the watch each year. Swainson's are one of the least common buteos to be seen at the count (average: 3), so naturally even fewer are recorded as dark morph! This year we have recorded dark Red-tailed's and Rough-legged's, with hopefully the other two arriving in the next few weeks!Photos: Broad-winged Hawk by Hannah Toutonghi, Swainson's Hawk by Steve Kolbe, Rough-legged and Red-tailed Hawk by Sean McLaughlin. ... See MoreSee Less
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Today’s Trektellen Tip:We have been asked a few times over the past week what the “N” and “S” stand for. When the birds are moving, we need to document which direction they are going. These letters stand for North and South; this helps with the science and understanding how weather patterns might be a factor. For example, does anyone remember the reverse migration last spring of American Robins and Fox Sparrows, when they flew back south along the shore? That was quite a day!Happy birding! 🦅 ... See MoreSee Less
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