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Yesterday was the final day for the Hawk Ridge fall migration count. This fall count logged 960 count hours, which represents the second highest number of hours ever logged. Some notable count highlights from this fall include:- New season high record for GOLDEN EAGLE (265) - New season high record for BLUE JAYS (78,631)- New day count high record for RED-HEADED WOODPECKER (10 on September 2)- New day count high record for SANDHILL CRANE (1,132 on October 7)- New HRBO October month high total for BROAD-WINGED HAWK (3,505)- New October month high total for TURKEY VULTURE (1,710)- Tying the second highest day count high record for PEREGRINE FALCON (25 on October 3)- Highest AMERICAN KESTREL season total (1,811) since 2005- Latest fall record of BROAD-WINGED HAWK (November 18)- Latest fall record of TURKEY VULTURE (November 30)Thank you to everyone who has come to the Ridge to count, work, volunteer, visit, or simply discover raptor migration. This Ridge along Lake Superior's north shore is a special place. The bird migration that passed along it each fall is unlike any other place in the world. To those individuals who are fortunate enough to enjoy even a day standing along it, hopefully those memories carry with you for a lifetime.There is a bittersweet cloud that lingers with the final day of the fall count here. Reflection on the long season that has passed highlights many fond memories while also cementing the realization that migration has finally come to an end. There is a sadness and beauty in watching another migration come and disappear in the darkness of winter. To share it with many people - from HRBO staff, volunteers, and visitors is a gift.Thank you from the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory count staff for another great fall migration count. This is a special place.Take a look back on this fall’s migration by visiting (link in comments). Bird photography courtesy of artist Brent Spink. ... See MoreSee Less
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For our final #TakeoverTuesday this season, we would like to highlight our Lead Naturalist (and unofficial dog greeter) Sara DePew, who has been curating these social media posts!Greetings everyone! My name is Sara and I have been a naturalist with Hawk Ridge since the spring of 2022. After a career in animal care where I worked with many different species, I needed a change of pace and came to Duluth to put my environmental education skills to work at Hawk Ridge.One of my favorite things about this position is mentoring the younger generations of future wildlife enthusiasts and educators. It is a highlight for me when a bird is brought up to the overlook from the banding station, and I get to witness the delight in a person’s eyes when they see that amazing creature up close. I feel proud of the staff I work with, watching their confidence grow as they improve their presentation skills and learn safe wildlife handling techniques. I am even more delighted at those moments where my colleagues become so excited about something, like the counters calling out a surprise migrating bird, that their joy is contagious and lights up the entire hawk watch! This has been my second fall and fourth season at Hawk Ridge. It has been such an experience the past two years for me to work with the staff, meet our visitors, develop meaningful new friendships, share our love of birds with you on social media, and witness the incredible migration along the shores of Lake Superior. I plan to return once more for the 2024 spring and fall migrations, where I will happily greet your dogs, talk to you about Trumpeter Swans, and offer suggestions for dinner. Until then, however, I will be happily snuggling my own animals at home in Michigan! Happy birding! ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory
What a beautiful, snowy day we’ve had at Hawk Ridge! ❄️ We think you’ll agree, this is a great view while hawk watching. Video by counter Jess Cosentino. ... See MoreSee Less
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