Pick a Bird Brain Series 2023

In 2022, we celebrated the 50th year of counting and banding Birds at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory!!  But there is a lot of truly incredible work going on behind the scenes by talented researchers that  is increasing our knowledge of Raptors and other birds with every passing year! This year’s Pick a Bird Brain series is going to focus on the amazing research projects that have been showing us more about these birds that fly overhead! Each month through the winter/spring we will feature a different project and you will have a front row seat to find out more about what we have been learning Dates for the programming will be aimed towards the third Tuesday of the month- with adjustments as needed- so keep your eyes out for more opportunities to hear from the researchers about what we are learning! Programs are free, but pre-registration is required, with a registration link provided in each presentation’s description.

January 24, 2023
The Secrets that Feathers Hold: Using Feathers to Trace Migration

At Hawk Ridge an average of more than 60,000 raptors are counted migrating through Duluth each fall, and over 2500 are banded. Some of these banded birds are recaptured at points further south but very few are recaptured or traced to their breeding grounds generally north of Duluth. As a result, very little is known about the distances they travel from their breeding grounds and the timing of their passage through Duluth during migration. Do birds from further north come through earlier than other birds of the same species breeding further south? 

In this Pick a Bird Brain Program, Emily Pavlovic will discuss the research she completed for her master’s degree at UMD using a combination of stable isotope analysis and banding return data to learn more about where Northern Saw-whet Owls, Sharp-shinned Hawks and Red-tailed Hawks are breeding, and whether the location of their birth impacts when they are likely to pass through Duluth on their way south.

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