Hawk Ridge Volunteers

September 12, 2013 Leave your thoughts

I am pleased to say that these first two weeks of the season have, so far, been very successful.  We have had a good number of returning volunteers around to help make this years transition nice and easy. Even though there has been a hiccup here or there, we would not be rolling like we are without them. I am also happy to see the that our volunteer calendar is filling up for the season already!

This year we have many returning and new volunteers. Volunteers are continuing to help in all areas at Hawk Ridge this year. I have trained a total of 7 new volunteers for songbird banding, 27 new volunteers for the overlook and I am in the process of training 7 more still. I know, that’s a lot of 7s! Maybe it means we are going to have a really lucky year.

If you are coming to visit us at the overlook, you will recognize our volunteers by a green and white/off-white nametage. Make sure to give them a special thanks for volunteering their time and helping us continue what we are doing at Hawk Ridge every season!

Below is our  returning volunteer Miranda Durbin with an immature, male, Sharp-shinned Hawk. Miranda started out volunteering at the main overlook last year. This year, she has been learning about and assisting with songbird and raptor banding. Miranda will be dedicating two days a week the whole season to help with bird banding. Thanks Miranda!

Posted by Katie Swanson


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