The Heart of Hawk Ridge

September 11, 2013 Leave your thoughts

You can feel the heart of Hawk Ridge beating during the fall. Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve breathes beauty and life, especially during the grand fall bird migration. Being at the main overlook reminds me of attending a family reunion. Some say little and simply enjoy just being there with the Superior lakeview and birds. Others are in conversation standing, sitting on the rocks, or in their lawn chairs with binoculars ready to go. Some are new to the family, visiting for their first time, and the Hawk Ridge volunteers and staff provide a warm welcome and introduction. Like a family reunion, we are all gathering in one place for one similar reason. We hope you join us this fall to share in one of the most amazing bird migrations. As the Lorax speaks for the trees, meet our staff who speak for Hawk Ridge: We thank all involved with Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory for keeping this heart healthy and strong.

P.S. Our annual Hawk Weekend Festival is less than 10 days away, but it’s not too late to register:

With Northern Harrier

Janelle Long, Hawk Ridge Executive Director


Hawk Ridge Board of Director meeting at the Nature Reserve
In attendance: Jan Green (front), Molly Thompson (row 2)
John Baumgarten (row 3 left), Jerry Niemi (row 3 center),
Karen Stubenvoll (row 3 right), Bob Owens (row 4 left),
and David Alexander (row 4 right)
Hawk Ridge Eagle Members, Myron & Holly Peterson
Thanks for sponsoring Fri. 9/13 & Sat. 9/14!


One of my future hawk watchers in training!

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