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September 11, 2013 Leave your thoughts

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is pleased to announce that our merchandise trailer is now completely solar powered as of September 6th! Thanks to a grant from the Donald M. Weesner Foundation we were able to have Conservation Technologies install a 240 watt solar panel with a new battery and a high quality inverter to give us complete energy independence at the ridge. The panel is permanently mounted flush with the roof, rather than at an angle as most solar panels are set, so you probably won’t even notice that it is there.  
ship and autumn sunlight
Our trailer functions as both store and office during the day and requires power to run everything from our cash register, to our credit card system, to the overlook phone. Battery-powered radio communication between the official counters, the banders at our three banding stations, and the naturalists at the overlook is a crucial part of how we are able to bring banded birds to the public. Now the large number of batteries needed for these radios can easily be charged overnight by this solar powered system.
We are very thankful for the generosity of the donors who have aided us in charging our previous battery and their continuing assistance in storing our trailer at their home. Since Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization we rely on the funds received from memberships, donations, and grants such as this to cover the less glamorous but fundamentally necessary costs of our daily operations.
Jessica Chatterton
Hawk Ridge Operations Director

Posted by Jessica Chatterton


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