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October 25, 2013 Leave your thoughts

Today you will get to meet another couple of amazing volunteers. They have been a lot of help and are very supportive of Hawk Ridge in so many ways. Gene and Susan Bauer are volunteers who have been committed to Hawk Ridge since they started volunteering and have a growing passion to continue. Susan and Gene travel from Northfield, MN every time they volunteer and they usually stay in Duluth a few days. They come together, but they have different interests while volunteering at the main overlook. Susan has been working with kids at the kids cart and really likes to “band” the kids and make bird crafts with them. In fact, Sue helped us “band” and do crafts with kids on a day when we had 6 classes at once at the Ridge! Gene on the other hand, loves to connect with visitors and practice raptor identification with them. Gene also has a growing interest in leading banding station tours next year.

Sue at the kids cart

Gene greeting visitors

 They are always willing to help with whatever is needed and put in full days at the ridge when they come. They have been here for the past few days and stuck it out all day through the cold weather. They are also willing to help at the office, as well as, during the off season. During their last visit, Sue dedicated time to help process some of the many adopts that we have had this season and I know Jessica was very grateful of that.

Along with volunteering, Susan and Gene support Hawk Ridge by adopting birds every season. During their last visit, they adopted a Northern Goshawk, Rough-legged Hawk and a Fox Sparrow. They are very kind to donate in this way, as well as give their time to support Hawk Ridge.

Gene with an immature Northern Goshawk

Gene with an immature Rough-legged Hawk

Gene and Sue are very special people and we are very happy to have them volunteering with us at Hawk Ridge. They are always welcoming and warm to visitors, of all experience and age. I know that whomever comes to the ridge and gets a chance to talk with Sue and Gene will leave with a wonderful picture of Hawk Ridge. Thanks so much for all you do Sue and Gene!

Katie Swanson
Volunteer Coordinator

Posted by Katie Swanson


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