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October 30, 2013 Leave your thoughts

Today was the last day of the 2013 overlook season.  How does it go by so fast?  We saw so many birds, met so many people, created so many memories.  Here are some of my favorites.

Jared, Greg, David, Darlene, Margie and Nancy…

Releasing a Broad-winged Hawk in memory of family member Fred, “The Hawk”, Haakensen

This young visitor from Poland gets her code, JAMI, and a bird band.
About 175 children were able to pretend they were birds and get a band!

This poem, in the shape of a bird, was given to me by a visitor.

wears daylight and
wind-roughed feathers-fills meadow morning skies
like October streams meandering, watches grasshopper
shadows scattering, grasses rusting, yellow stalks shaking
flies afternoon hungry over mouse hurry, rabbits
running, descends to talon catch 
and shrew’s cry until
vole full of blood red
flesh strands, he rests after
sundown, wearing darkness as a gift.
                                       David Clowers
                                           Sturgeon Bay, WI

The final count for private programs this season was 82.

Plus, there were public programs, songbird banding at the overlook, raptor releases, banding station tours and the countless other ways that we share our love of raptors and birds with you, our visitors and supporters.  

Time marches on…  I forgot to take the picture, but the leaves are gone now.
Bumper sticker spotted during Hawk Weekend.
Thank you for coming.  Thank you for your 
continued support.

“Keep Calm and Soar On”.

We’ll see you next year at the Ridge.
Gail Johnejack
Education Director

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