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There is plenty for families to do at the overlook.  We have all of the usual things – binoculars to borrow, the count board, raptor and songbird adopts, trails to hike (along with new scavenger hunts that families can take with them), and…  we have the Kid’s Cart.  The Cart has a variety of activities for children of all ages.  These include making bird masks out of paper plates (just in time for Halloween!) or binoculars out of toilet paper tubes.  I know, TP tube binos sound funny, but it is the perfect activity for our youngest visitors. They may not magnify, but they do help children focus, and more importantly, the children can feel like they are bird watching just like all of the big people around them.

Sisters – with their TP binos and bird masks!

We also have the Junior Raptor Activity Guides that Katie Swanson developed last year for children ages 6-12. These booklets help children learn and understand what is happening at the Ridge in a fun, interactive way. Children may recieve $25 toward sponsoring (adopting) a raptor or songbird when they complete their booklets.  Visit with a naturalist at the overlook for more information!
A big hit this year is ‘Kid Banding’, thanks to volunteer, Susan Bauer, who enjoys working with children at the Kid’s Cart.  Once we ‘capture’ a kid/bird, we have banding data sheets for writing down information, just like we do with raptors and songbirds.  Included is:
Susan fills in the data sheet

  • The date,
  • Initials of bander
  • Wrist size for band size  
  • Species code (the first two initials of the child’s first and last names combined to give them their own ‘bird name’.  For example, the species code for Susan Bauer  is SUBA.)
  • Gender – boy or girl
  • Age
  • Wing length measured from shoulder to finger tips.
All Done!
Making the band.
Once the data is collected, children get three digit numbers and they make a band with numbered beads. They are encouraged to return and be a recapture, then they are ‘released’ and they fly away!  
Flying Away.
Kid’s Banding Summary; September 21-25:
58 children between the ages of 3 and 10 were    banded.
Between September 22nd and 24th, we had 4        recaptures.
September 25th, a we had a recapture from    October of 2012!
A banded, Red-Tailed Kid takes off  – screeching just like the real thing.
Thank you, Susan, for your help this write-up, and especially for your work/fun(!) with the children at Hawk Ridge.

Scheduled Program count – 80!

See you at the Ridge.

Gail Johnejack
Education Director

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