Healing Hawks

October 10, 2013 Leave your thoughts

How many times have you been brought to tears, given goosebumps, and had that feeling of deep awe when watching hawks? Something magical seems to happen during a hawk release or in simply watching a hawk soaring freely above us. The symbolism of hawks in spirtuality is rich in many cultures. The stories people have shared with Hawk Ridge about similar life-changing experiences by letters, email, and in person are countless. These stories seem especially common during times of great loss. I have my own story to share. A year ago this week, my dad had unexpectedly passed away. On the way to the cemetary, we followed my mom and brother in the funeral procession of cars. As we began to turn the corner to enter the cemetary, my brother slowed down and opened his window to signal us and pointed his hand up towards the sky. I looked through the window to see above and there it was. A beautiful Red-tailed Hawk was sitting on a street light looking directly down at the cars seeming to watch us and the whole procession of cars that followed. A flood of emotion went through me both of deep loss and comforting peace. It felt as if it was a gift, a sign, given to us by my dad, to let us know that he will always be looking down from above and watching over us. As we gathered, I asked others if they saw it, almost with that kid-like feeling of seeing Santa. No one else seemed to see it, except for me and my immediate family. That symbolic memory of my dad and the Red-tailed Hawk will forever be with me. I’m glad there is a place like Hawk Ridge where I can see healing hawks. Let’s offer gratitude to these birds that help lift our spirits and help so many others on their journeys through life.

Janelle Long
Executive Director

Hawk Ridge Release
Photo courtesy of Thorsburg Photography

Posted by Janelle Long


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