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This week we are getting a sneak peak into another great volunteer’s life. This volunteer is Brooke Klemstrud! This is her second season volunteering at Hawk Ridge. She started volunteering last fall because of a class requirement. She was a student in a UMD Field Interpretive Techniques class and was assigned to pick an organization to volunteer 12 hours at. Brooke decided to pick Hawk Ridge because she did not know anything about the organization and wanted to learn more about birds. During her first season volunteering at Hawk Ridge, Brooke continued to volunteer well over her 12 hour requirement for school.

Brooke, last season (2012), with an immature Northern Goshawk

After last season, she was hooked. She wanted to continue to learn more about the birds that are flying overhead and also being caught at our banding station. In these past two seasons, Brooke has proved to be a dedicated volunteer. She has a pretty busy schedule, as she is a student at UMD, studying to finish her Outdoor and Environmental Education degree. However, Brooke still finds time to come help us at the Ridge during the fall.

Brooke really likes to help visitors and talk with them. She finds it really interesting to talk to regulars who come to Hawk Ridge often, as well as people who are just stopping by for their first time and may not be that into birding. She also loves going down to the banding station. The banders always tell her a little bit of information about the bird they have caught when she picks it up and she really appreciates that.

When Brooke is not busy with volunteering or school, she likes to spend time outside hiking in the various parks around Duluth. She also likes to get out in the winter to snowshoe. When she is hiking or snowshoeing, she really likes to visit beautiful overlooks. This is one reason why Hawk Ridge is a great place for her to spend time!

Brooke, this season (2013), with a second-year Sharp-shinned Hawk
Brooke, helping a visitor decide what t-shirt to buy in our store

When Brooke is volunteering, she always proves herself to be a great help. She likes to jump in and will help with whatever is needed. From walking down to the banding station or helping visitors find a good souvenir, she is always ready for a task. Thanks so much for all your help Brooke!

Katie Swanson
Volunteer Coordinator

Brooke, releasing an adult Cooper’s Hawk

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