Raptor Expert Jerry Liguori Visits Hawk Ridge

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Jerry Liguori in the aftermath of a snow squall at Hawk Ridge

Hundreds of Red-tailed Hawks streamed through periodic snow squalls at Hawk Ridge on Monday as a small group of die-hard hawk watchers peered through scopes and binoculars. Among this gathering of enthusiasts was raptor expert, author, and photographer Jerry Liguori. With a total of 1414 raptors counted this day, many of them flying low along the ridge, it was a perfect day to film these birds for a raptor identification video he has in the works. Northern Goshawks were his main focus, while he was here on his 4th visit to the Ridge, but he also shot some footage of that day’s great flight of Red-tailed Hawks, which he mentioned were his favorite raptor.

Raptor edition of the Crossley
ID Guide published this year
Red-tailed Hawk photo compilation
from the Crossley ID Guide

The most recent Crossley ID Guide, a special raptor edition published earlier this year, was co-authored by Jerry Liguori along with Richard Crossley and Brian Sullivan. This book, like all the Crossley Guides, features photo compilations of birds in various positions shown in the habitats where they would normally be found.

His second book
published in 2011
Jerry Liguori’s first book
published in 2005

Jerry’s previous two books, Hawks From Every Angle and Hawks at a Distance, are incredibly helpful for those learning to recognize specific raptor species in flight. They show males and females of each species in juvenile and adult plumage and in many different wind and lighting conditions. Hawks at a Distance was published the year that I first volunteered at Hawk Ridge and I found myself pouring over it after work in the evening comparing his photos to what I had seen during the day. I consult both of these books frequently when helping visitors identify the birds flying over the ridge.

Red-tailed Hawk released at the Main Overlook
(photo by Erik Bruhnke)

Jerry with Red-tailed Hawk
(photo by Erik Bruhnke)

Check out Jerry’s website at http://jerryliguori.com/ to view his amazing photos, purchase books and prints, or even ask him a raptor id question. You can also access his blog from the site to read his in-depth discussions of the finer points of raptor identification.
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Hawk Ridge Operations Director

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